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Too hard for Nick


30:47 Min. 10 % hard trampling & Spit, 30 % Sneaks, 30 % Feet, 30 % Socks

Master Apex and Master Soldro are finally reunited. After the two of them had got on with breaking their slave down we did well to find a replacement for Nick Nick put up with being kicked and humiliated by the chavs for 5 minutes and then he was all done in. Nick had to take some hard face standing and trampling both on his body and on his face and then couldn't take any more.'What a pussy' in the face of such hot Masters. A replacement was soon found, the shoe was soon on another foot and now you see things develop through your own eyes. This popular series of clips shows things from the slave's perspective. With your own eyes you see what it's like to be done over by Apex and Soldro. Shoes, feet , socks, all as close as anything , not to mention live! See how the spit flows slowly into your mouth and enjoy some unique close ups. An absolute must from our two superstars!!!

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