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Young and nasty


24:25 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 55%, Kicks, Slaps & Trampling 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%

Yes, the title of this clip hits it right on the button : Master Fox is young und nasty. You can see that he gets a kick out of having a victim under his feet to torment and humiliate. And woe to the victim if he tries to defend himself or doesn't do what Fox demands of him. Then the Master can prove damn unpleasant to be with .Not far beneath the facade of this apparently nice boy there lurks a real sadist. Kicking, trampling, slaps to the face with hand or foot – Master Fox knows how to bring a reluctant slave up to the mark. In this clip he starts off by sitting on the stairs and making his slave enjoy licking his Nike Airs clean / also spitting on him every now and again. He tells his victim, "Lick the sole from bottom to top" . Later on we see the slave lying helpless like a beetle on the floor. Master Fox puts one of his feet over the loser's throat and tells him that he's going to let him suck the stench from out of his socks. . Later on the Master pulls his stinking socks off, presses them first of all into the slave's face and then into his mouth. Once the socks have emerged again, Fox donates his slave a couple of helpings of thick Master snot. The poor guy's mouth had been fairly dry up until then. Now the Master's bare feet come into play . The slave knows what he has to do: smell and lick. – Even though Master Fox is still relatively new with BMB, he's already got a large body of fans, On the one hand he looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - on the other hand dominance without mercy - that 's the special charm of this young Master.. Don't wait too long, get this clip ordered!
Let us see more of this Young Master God. Especially plenty of sneaker licking, hard kicks, slaps and spit.
was für ein naturgeborener Mastergott!!!
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