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Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Kicks, Trampling & Slaps 35%, Humiliation & Spit 15%, Breath Control 15%

Watch out, things are getting really hard now .In this clip Master Louis makes his debut with BMB – and how!. The brutality and lack of mercy with which this cool young Master gets down to business really takes your breath away! And the best thing of all is that much of this clip is filmed from a through your own eyes perspective The camera is right up close to the action, right up with Master Louis`well worn pair of Nikes, right up with his stinking , discoloured socks and right up with his godly Master feet. Anyone watching is within touching distance of what is going on - almost literally - so that you feel that you are the slave. OK so what gives? Master Louis gets an unannounced visit from a guy from the Benefits office, who are responsible for paying the rent. But the flat is much bigger than what Master Louis is entitled to by law. The guy from the Benefits Office wants to make it clear to Louis that he'll have to look for somewhere smaller to live. Otherwise, his money will be stopped. Of course, Master Louis isn't prepared to put up with what this official is saying. He decides to really torment and degrade this guy who has dropped in unannounced. Nothing is off limits :kicking, trampling, spitting on him, nasty verbal abuse. The more the loser whimpers and begs, the more pressure the young Master applies. The official goes through hell as his nose is brought into close contact with his tormentor's trainers, , socks and feet. – A hotter than hot new BMB production with fantastic camera positions from a through your own-eyes perspective and a great new Master. Don't miss out on this clip at any costs !!!

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