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Yeah, that’s Master Yaro!


26:11 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 30%, Socks & Sneaks 20%, Slaps & Trampling 10%, Sitting & Facesitting 10%

So how cool is that? BMB First Master Yaro, who as a clip producer is usually to be found BEHIND the camera, is finally back in front of the camera. To the content: Yaro has commissioned a painter to repaint the corridor. His slave should make sure that the painter can handle the work in time. But the victim totally messes up yet again. . When the master comes home in the evening, the painter is far from done. . Yaro is really pissed off with his worthless slave. He decides to dole our some nasty punishment to the loser. Hr keeps on gobbing into the slave's mouth . He tells him he has to open his mouth. Each time he does this , one, two hard slaps to the face follow. . The loser has to take some nasty trampling. .While the slave is being insulted and made fun of by his master, he has to suck the stench out of his sneakers and his far from fresh socks. . "Smell that shit!", Master Yaro demands with a nasty grin on his face.. The Master rides to the balcony on his victim's back so that he can smoke a cigarette. Back in the apartment, he takes off his T-shirt so that his his well-tanned torso is on display. There's s no lack of humiliation: sitting, facesitting, sucking the smell from the Master's armpits - nothing is left out. - He's one of those who made BMB what it is today: Master Yaro! In this clip he is finally back in front of the camera. A treat and an absolute must for every BMB fan !!!
jaro humorvoll aber auch hart guter master
schöne handlung mit humor und härte so ist jaro zum lieben und gehorsam sein zu ihm jaro ist der beste lg rudolf
Yaro is always Yaro...really nice feet!
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