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Wiping away the Boredom


25:56 Min. Feet 25%, Socks 25%, & Humiliation with Spit & Human Ashtray 25%, Slaps, Beatings with the Belt, Trampling & Kicks 25%

In 'The Consultation' we already saw that Master Louis and Master Santiago have got their teacher under their thumb. The two lads broke into his garden so as to subject him to some nasty control. Smoking away, they watch as their teacher sniffs their feet. The socks on their feet are really smelly. . Louis and Santiago get a laugh out of watching their teacher breathe all that in. They use their victim's mouth as an ashtray and stub their cigarettes out on his belly. Yes indeed, in this clip the lads set out to be really brutal. Their victim gets some hard slaps on the face and is beaten with a belt. The two Masterboys show no mercy. Later, the teacher is allowed to lick their dirty feet clean. While he's doing this he's continually spat on and abused. There's also no lack of nasty slaps with the feet. As things move on, the slave has to lie down on the floor. The lads give him some brutal kicks and torment him by trampling on him. Master Louis has no hesitation in standing down on the loser's face. Really nasty. – This clip is not for those of a weak disposition. Really hard slaps to the face, beatings with a belt, kicks , trampling, cigarette torture –the loser is spared nothing. Add to that some really nasty humliations. Two Youngmasters really giving it their all!!!
Die beiden sind echt gut, Da würde ich gern mehr Videos sehen.
Würde so gern von den beiden geknechtet werden
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