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Who likes to learn ?


25:15 Min. Sneaks 40%, Humiliation with Ponyplay & Spit 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Beating 25%

Danny and Gil get a visit from their supervisor. . The stupid guy wants to remind them to do some swotting for their schoolwork. But the two Masterboys of course have no interest at all in doing this. And anyway the stupid things their supervisor has to say just get on their wick . So they decide to show their supervisor who really in in charge and who has to do as he is told. . Before their supervisor can get another word out, he finds himself lying on the floor and is made to lick the dirt from his two tormentors' trainers. He's kicked, hit with a riding crop and tormented with some nasty trampling. That brings some sharp pain. But what's worse for the loser are the humiiations he has to suffer. The two Masterboys play a game with their supervisor called pony- or dog-play. They ride through the flat on their victim's back and they make their victim eat from a dog bowl and bark like a mongrel. Quite apart from all this, the supervisor is spat on and has to lick up thick snot from the floor. . He's fully at the mercy of his two tormentors' sadistic fantasies – Master Danny and Master Gill, both new to BMB, really score a hit in their clip. Really hot ponyplay scenes! Where else can you find that apart from BMB!
DAS PERFEKTE DUO !! Sie sind irgendwo das absolute Gegenteil, ergänzen sich aber PERFEKT !!! BadMasterBoss Gil könnte voll der Zwillingsbruder von BadMasterBoss Dragon sein. Und da ich MasterBoss Dragon absolut verehre, liege ich natürlich auch MasterBoss Gil zu seinen vergoldeten Füßen.. Aber auch MasterBoss Danny ist nicht so ganz ohne.. - so kann er ganz gewiss noch einen intensiveren Fußkäse als Boss Gil vorweisen...... Würd' Euch am liebsten beide 24/7 auf meinen Schultern tragen, während mich einer immer im Schwitzkasten seiner Schenkel hält und der andere mir seine Fußsohlen aufs Gesicht presst. Sozusagen schwitzen, sniffen ..und sich den Fußkäse schmecken lassen in einem Durchgang !!!!!
The new blond Master is handsome. I hope to see harder videos with him : barefoot, slaps, more spit, drinking beers and burping, piss, facesitting ... Can't wait :)
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