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Where is a hard slave ?


28:46 Min. Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 40%, Socks & Feet 30%, Sneaks 15%, Humiliation 15%

Cool, finally Master Babyface is back. In this clip he tests out how hard he can drive Nick. When it comes to trampling, Nick has the reputation of being really able to take it. But Master Babyface is an especially sadistic and resourceful trampler. He decides to take the slave up to his limits - and perhaps a little bit beyond. The Master is wearing black jeans and has divested himself of his T shirt. He takes sadistic pleasure in standing on his slave, who is lying on the ground. Every fibre of Nick's muscles feels the weight of the good looking young Master. He suffers unimaginable torments when he has to do lifts with the Master still standing on him. Up and down, up and down, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. As soon as the slave shows the slightest hint of taking things easy, the young Master hits him mercilessly. Master Babyface's slaps damn well hurt. And he's equally adept at hitting him with his feet. While we're on the subject of feet:Nick is accorded the singular honour of getting up close and familiar with the Master's feet with his tongue. Before he gets to grips with that, he is allowed to suck the sweat out of his Mater's socks. Master Babyface is really wicked! It was high time for him to take on a slave again in front of the BMB camera

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