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Under Master Duke’s Feet


23:16 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Farts 25%, Slaps & Trampling 20%, Socks & Sneaks 20%,

"It's time you had some more of this" barks Master Duke as he holds his stockinged foot in front of his slave's face. "Take a good whiff!" Then the young Master shoves his whole foot deep down the loser's mouth. At the same time, the slave gets spat on and cops some touch slaps to the face. When the slave finds himself lying on his back on the floor, Duke towers over him and gobs a thick helping right into his mouth. The Master gets his godly feet given a good going over as well. Licking, taking the toes deep into the mouth, massaging with hand and tongue - Duke makes lots of demands. If at any point the slave isn't able to give it his all, he gets slapped to the face or worked over with his master's sneaks. The loser also has to take some nasty trampling. And then - so hot! - Duke sits himself down on the slave's face and sends a stinky fart on its way. …. – Master Duke may only have been with BMB for a little while, but he's already won himself a sizable fan club. This clip also makes it clear that this guy who has the looks of an angel can be a real devil.
Duke ist ein sehr guter Master. Er sollte viel mehr aufs Gesicht sitzen und furzen, das kann er so gut. Würde ihn auch gerne als Master haben ;D
Wish Master Duke burped and blew them at him in future videos
Ein BadMasterBoss-King wie Er sollte einen leibeigenen Fußnigga zugeteilt bekommen, der sich Abend für Abend um die Füße des Kings zu kümmern hat und der MasterBoss von dieser Aufgabe vollkommen befreit ist..
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