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Trouble in the garden


24:58 Min. Feet 25%, Sneaks & Socks 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Human Ashtray 25%, Slaps & Beating 20%, Sitting 5%

Master Babyface and Master Cody have a really annoying neighbour. Yesterday, he got really worked up because Babyface and Cody were playing their music too loud. Now he's moaning because they're making too much noise in their garden. It would have been better for the stupid moaner if he'd stayed quiet. Then he would probably have avoided the most painful and humiliating half an hour of his whole life. . Babyface and Cody can't cope with someone getting on their wrong side. Before the guy has barely opened his mouth to complain he is overcome by the two lads and forced to his knees.To start things off there are a few slaps to the face and kicks, Then he gets beaten with a riding crop and with a stick. Then they mover on to tormenting him with with hand crushing and trampling. . While their neighbour is left lying in the dirt his tongue has to deal with his tormentors' dirty trainers and feet and he has to take big whiffs of the stink from their socks. Master Babyface kneels on his victim, forces his mouth open and gobs into his mouth. The stupid guy from next door has to keep on swallowing down snot that's been hawked up for him. Master Babyface also discovers that such a wide open mouth is made to be an excellent ash tray–Hot outdoor action, really hard scenes filmed from the slave's perspective , . This clip is an absolute must-have!!!
Master babay face sit on slave n fart
It would be cool to see a long facesitting scene in next action ! Let the slave sit on the ground and put his head on the chair, then the master babyface can sit on his fat face while torturing his nipples
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