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Trouble in Berlin Part 2


23:24 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Facesitting 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Socks 10%

That's something the slave should never have allowed himself to do. In Berlin for the weekend, he rings at Master Dragon's door without so much as a by your leave. That really pisses the Master off. What can this stupid loser have been thinking of? But he takes the opportunity that his bro Isma is also visiting to show his bro just what you can do to a slave who turns up out of the blue like that. This second part of 'Trouble in Berlin' features Master Dragon's and Master Isma's godly feet. The slave is given the honour of licking the dirt and sweat from his tormentors' bare feet. And just as it should be he is also allowed to inhale the stench coming from the Master duo's socks. Again and again, alongside all of this,the loser is beaten, kicked and trampled on. The slave moans in pain. It goes without saying that he also has to deal with unbelievable quantities of Master snot. In addition, Dragon and Isma abuse their victim's face by using it as a cushion to sit on. – In accordance with the best BMB tradition, a slave is humiliated and degraded by two young sadists. Powerful stuff!!

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