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Torture Trio, Part 2


24:59 Min. Feet & Socks 35%; Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 30%, Kicks & Splaps 25%, Cigarette Torture 10%

After he has taken some deep whiffs from the Masters' socks, the slave is allowed to use his tongue to pay close attention to the bare feet of Master Gil, Master Otis and Master TNT. He isn't allowed to take the odd break. . While the loser is dealing with the dirt from between his Masters' toes, he is beaten and kicked. The slave also has to swallow down huge quantities of Master snot. Every spit attack is followed a number of slaps to the face. When the three Master lads want to have a smoke they take it in turns to ride out to the balcony on their slave's back. Once there, the slave has to pay some more attention to his tormentors' bare feet. As there's no ashtray to hand out there. Gil, Otis and TNT stub out their cigarettes on their victim's belly. That's how it is.. No quarter given by the torture trio . – What an awesome finale! Master Gil, Master Otis and Master TNT are so hard as they get down to business. The feet scenes in this second part are also awesome!
Das Video ist der Oberhammer. Bin großer Otis-Fan und habe deshalb das Video gekauft. Das "Opfer" kann einem nur Leid tun. Die 3 Master rotzen was das Zeug hält. Die Zigaretten szene ist mega. Da möchte man nicht mit dem armen Slave tauschen. Mehr davon BMB, gerne wieder mit Otis als Chefmaster.
PLEASE bring back master TNT! he is the hottest and strongest master on the site! I will buy every video he is in!
Master TNT is one of the best BMB Masters ever. He does the perfect spit shot! I would like to see he spitting in a cup and making the slave drink it <3.
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