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Torture Trio


21:36 Min. Sneaks & Socks 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Facestting 35%, Slaps & Kicks 30%

Maybe you think that everything in the BMB-Clips is just make-believe? Wrong! In this clip the slave's fear and his cries are totally genuine. The three Masterboys, Ayden, Kelvin and Neo are so brutal that the slave really panics. But that just drives the lads on even more. They tear the loser's T Shirt off his back and drive their brutal game forward without showing any mercy. The slave is kicked and slapped with such force that the sound echoes around the room. The Masterboys force his mouth open so that it can deal with the snot which they have hawked up. They get him to lick their dirty sneaks clean and to suck in the stench from their steamy socks. . Following on from that the socks are forced brutally into his mouth. Quite apart from all this, the loser's face is made to serve as a cushion for Master Kelvin to sit on. While all this is going on, the slave keeps getting snot gobbed into his mouth or has to lick up the Masters' spit from the floor. – Really hard action from start to finish. This clip is not for the weak of disposition!
...and that I forgot to mention in my first review is that Master Junis is back! Here billed as Master Ayden. I was so hoping we'd see more from this adonis Master. Now he's sporting some facial hair! Same mega dominant attitude and actions. Master Ayden makes it seems like it's so easy and knows the slave loves it. Master Kelvin's facial smirks are hot. I love when Masters enjoy what they're doing. His face slaps are some of the hardest I've seen on this site and I've been buying for 10 years. In fact, this clip is now in my all-time top ten. Master Yaro should be very proud of his team.
It's Master Junis, not Ayden! Great idea to have three Masters together. Master Junis (Ayden) is handsome with his mustache. Bring him a younger slave in next video. He will use him for pony riding and hard face slapping. I think he likes both a lot.
Patience is definitely a virtue when sometimes waiting for an update especially when you're rewarded with such a masterpiece of the most dominant and unforgiving Masters! Run, don't walk and order this right away. Love when the slave is a lot older. The sounds of the face slaps and spit alone. Then add in the visuals. A win-win for everybody involved!!!
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