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This gay has Nerves


24:58 Min. Feet & Socks 50%, Humiliation with Spit & Human Ashtray 25%, Kicks & Slaps 25%

Master King and Master Rocco are sitting and chilling in front of their house. They've just got going with their cigarettes when an insurance salesman makes an appearance. The guy wants to talk them into buying some insurance for their property. For €20,000 a year. That can't be true. He's got to be joking. "You've got me mixed up with someone else" says Master King. He and Master Rocco are as one in this. The bloke needs sorting out. : Before he can even see what's going on, the insurance salesman cops a couple of slaps to the face. It only takes a couple of seconds for him to be lying on the dirty garden ground and being brutally kicked and spat on. And then finally they get round to the bit which the two Masterboys especially enjoy. They enjoy watching the loser suck the nasty smell from out of their socks..They flick the ash from their cigarettes into the insurance salesman's mouth just as they please. They also work hard at gobbing into their victim's mouth.The two lads are really nasty with it.They rub. their bare feet into the the dirt until they're almost black. And then the licking has to get going! A thick layer of dirt - leaves -grass - the loser's tongue has to deal with everything that's sticking to the Masters' feet, There's a few hefty slaps to the face with the feet along the way too. What the insurance salesman has to take is really nasty. Having to lick such dirty feet clean is high punishment! Experience seeing two cool Masterboys reducing their victim to real dirt

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