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They don't fancy a football training session


24:41 Min. Socks 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Farts 25%, Sneaks 10%

Dragon and Duke should be going along to a football training session today. But the two Masterboys just aren't up for it at all. The trainer has been getting on their nerves for ages. When the guy comes to pick them up, they show him what they think of him. Before he can even get a word in edgeways, he finds himself lying on the floor. Now he's helpless and at the mercy of whatever sadistic fantasies Master Dragon and Master Duke dream up. He gets a kicking from the lads and has to lick up their spit from the floor. He has to sniff their socks, lick their feet, and take their toes deep into his mouth. In the middle of all this, the lads gob into his mouth. The loser is slapped in the face and tormented with some nasty trampling. He whimpers in pain but the two Masterboys couldn't care less. The lads take hold of their sneaks, get them licked clean, and then use them to batter the loser. Things turn especially humiliating for the trainer when Master Duke sits himself down on his face and farts into his mouth. – Master Dragon and Master Duke are made for each other as a master duo. The way that the two lads put their football trainer in his place is so hot!

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