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24:37 Min. Feet 40%, Slaps & Beatings with the Riding Crop 25%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Licking Armpits 25%, Socks & Sneaks 10%

Helmut wants to give his young gardner the sack. It looks as if Fino doesn't have permission to be in the country.. 'That's the law' says Helmut as he tries to justify himself. But Fino couldn't care less about the law. He has his own law : Fino is the Boss und Helmut is under him. The loser has no chance at all against this young Master boy. Helmut is brutally abused and subjected to the nastiest humiliation you can think of. There's slaps to the face, or blows from the riding crop. . Young Master Fino knows absolutely no mercy. He hits out with his feet as well as his hands. His slaps with his feet are hard and precise. Helmut gets nothing held back. Master Fino gobs in his face, stuffs a stinking sock in his mouth and uses him as a pony to ride on.. Above all , against his will, he makes his slave into his foot slave, How Master Fino uses his bare feet to demoralise the loser is beyond belief and goes way further than has been seen for a long time here in BMB. For example? Helmut is lying on the floor.. His nose is jammed between the toes of Master Fino's left foot. At the same time,. Fino shoves his right foot deep into Helmut's mouth. A bit later on Master Fino steps on Helmut's forearm und hand and gets his feet licked clean. To round things off, Helmut's tongue gets to taste the raw stench from Fino's armpits .. – It's a long time since we got to see such extreme feet scenes from BMB. . You can see how much young Master Fino enjoys humiliating and tormenting the experienced BMB slave Helmut. This clip is an absolute must for every feet fan!.
Greta clip but we really miss Master Double Dee from "The Graduate part 2". I'm sure he can be a great master giving hard slaps, doing pony riding, having his fingers licked and being vocally brutal. His angelic face can hide a very perverse nature. Please welcome him back! I think many people like him.
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