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The Wine Tasting


24:16 Min. Feet, Socks & Sneaks 50%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 15%, Sitting 10%

Master Otis has a special kind of wine tasting in store for the slave. First of all, he pours loads of white wine into the loser's mouth.But he's not allowed to swallow. Then it's followed up with a huge quantity of snot which the Master hawks up . What a cuvee! Chateau Snot! Now the slave is allowed to swallow. Is it to his taste? The Master couldn't care less. To accompany the wine, Otis serves up a few treats for the slave: dirty sneakers, sweaty socks and last but not least, as you'd expect at any good wine tasting, ripe cheese in the form of stinky Master feet. Guten Appetit! It seems to the Master that the slave could show a bit more gratitude. . Otis shows how displeased he is by delivering some hard blows from both hands and feet to the loser's face. What's particularly mean is that while the Master shoves his left foot deep into his slave's mouth, he uses his right foot to give his victim's nipples a good going over. The slave also has to take being kicked and trampled. When finally he ends up lying on the floor. Otis sits down on him and gobs into his mouth – Master Otis is unbelievably inventive when it comes to teaching a loser his place. Really hot action from beginning to end.
Das Video zeigt Otis in seiner vollen Macht. Beeindruckend und angsteinflössend. Jede Sekunde ist spannend. Weiter so Master Otis. Warte schon auf dein nächstes Video! Denk auch mal an dich und gönne dir ne Zigarettenpause ^^
I loved the stomach sitting part, could you make it longer ? I loved the master's shorts, could you make them shorter ? but don't change the master he is so good
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