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The three Masterboys' pet dog


24:24 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 50%, Humiliation & Spit 40%, Slaps 10%

When Dragon rings at Duke and Red's door, he's got a slave on a lead. He introduces him as his slave from Frankfurt. Duke and Red don't waste any time in slapping him in the face and spitting on him so as to make him feel at home. Once that's been done, the skater is allowed to deal with the Masterboys' sneaks, which are far from clean. He's in for it if he leaves some dirt still sticking to the soles. That earns some hefty slaps to the face. The slave soon recognises that the lads don't hold anything back when they're hitting him. Once the slave has been told by his tormentors that he has to take their shoes off, his nose has to get acquainted with their steaming socks. Master Duke shoves one of his stockinged feet deep into the slave's mouth. Next up it's time for feet to be licked, quite properly holding nothing back. So that the doggy doesn't get too thirsty, the three Masterboys take turns to gob some thick spit into his wide open mouth. The loser has to be a good boy and say thank you for each helping of snot. When the three lads want to chill, the doggy has to head for his little basket. But it doesn't take too much time before the action starts again. … - A slave - or rather a pet dog - tormented and degraded by three sadistic lads. Things are never boring at BMB. Once again, this clip also includes a couple of really hot shots from the slave's perspective.
Jeder der drei MasterBosse sollte Woche für Woche seinen eigenen Slave besitzen !! Nur so wäre gewährleistet, dass des Masters Füße auch immer ihre Entspannung bekommen die sie benötigen !!!!! Die drei Götter sind soooooooooooo HAMMA
I love dog play videos! Masters are hot and brutal, the slave knows how to lick too!
What a very lucky slave indeed! Loved how the returning Master Dragon was overseeing just how the younger new Master's were in his much-missed he seemed mighty pleased by their naturally inborn humiliation of the older slave. Behavior that can't be just do spit, hard face slaps, being verbal, and if the slave doesn't move fast enough, you move the slave. Nothing gentle here! I'm still on cloud nine that Master Dragon is back! This is a not to be missed clip!
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