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The Spit Test


23:51 Min. Feet 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Socks 15%

Master Dragon gets a visit from someone working in the local Health Department. The guy claims that he has to carry out a spit test because of the Corvid 19 pandemic. Master Dragon thinks to himself of how he can let the stupid loser have what he wants and chuckles secretly. He invites the guy into his flat. No sooner are they in the living room than Dragon forces this uninvited visitor to the floor . Now the spit test can begin, but subject to the Master's own conditions. Dragon gobs some snot deep into the health officer's mouth. The guy has to be a good boy and thank his Master every time he is dished a helping of snot. But there's more to come. Dragon forces his stinking socks into the loser's face. "Take a good sniff!" he tells him. While all this is going on the guy from the Health Department gets slapped on the face and tormented with vicious trampling and crushing. Master Dragon's bare feet turn out to be a real challenge for the loser. Licking, sniffing, massaging – Dragon leaves no stone unturned. Being punished by Dragon's foot slapping his face is especially humiliating for the loser. –So dominant, so unrelentingly hard – just what you'd expect from Master Dragon. This clip is a must for the fans of this exceptional Master.
BadMasterBoss - KING DRAGON ..der Mann ist sooooooo ein GOTT !!!!! Ich bete diesen Kerl an.. Ich liebe es, wenn die MasterBosse auf dem Rücken des Slave stehen - ein Fuß im Nacken, den anderen auf dem Rücken, das zeigt wer hier die Macht hat !!! Nimm platz auf meinen Schultern KING und lass mich Dir dienen.. Dir sollte täglich ein Fußslave zu diensten sein.. Bleib GESUND KING DRAGON
Run, do NOT walk to order this clip. As a major fan of Master Dragon from his first clips on BMB, it made my year that not only has he returned for new clips after a few years much-missed absence, he's better than ever! His body filled out to tight fitting shirt proportions, a mustache, more handsome than ever, and best of all, his sadistic streak of humiliating his slave is back with a vengeance. As much as his return clips have been fantastic, I've felt Master Dragon was holding back on dishing out what he wanted to dish out. I love when Master Dragon grins devilishly at the slave and off to the side to the cameraman, probably Master Yaro. Yes, the spit is great and ample but I feel it's a misleading title. It should be renamed, The Slap Test, as Master Dragon dishes out not only hard multiple face slaps with is hand, but hard multiple face slaps with his foot! I think these hits are the hardest he's ever gone. I look forward to many more clips with Master Dragon if he's back for awhile. I used to not be a fan of this slave but as he's appeared through the years, he's definitely grown accustomed to his rough Master treatment. One of my top 10 clips on this site.
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