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The robbery


27:06 Min. Kicks, Slaps, Trampling & Beatings with the Riding Crop 30%, Sneaks 25%, Socks & Feet 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Facesitting 20%

Fat Joe has been to the police and laid a complaint against Aris und Chief. The two Masterboys are pissed off about this and decide to pay Joe a visit. They want to make it clear to him that he should withdraw the complaint. But the stupid loser isn't open to persuasion. Fat Joe puts up determined resistance. His two tormentors handcuff him, kick him, give him slaps to the face, beat him with a riding crop, trample him. The Masterboys' dirty shoes, stinking socks and bare feet are forced into his face and he has to sniff and lick them. "Force his cunty mouth open", Master Aris tells his mate. Master Chief doesn't need asking twice. Mouth open, snot straight in. It's as easy as that! Joe also has to endure some nasty facesitting. But despite the torments and humiliations, the loser is adamant that he won't promise the lads to withdraw the complaint . "Well. we'll have to think of something even nastier" decides Master Aris. – Will the two Masterboys wear the loser down? See for yourselves how Master Aris and Master Chief work fat Joe over. The two lads know absolutely no mercy. Awesome!
Both are very cool and dominant, it would be nice to see some farting action with them.
Master chief is just so hot please make more videos of him.
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