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The Pet


23:00 Min. Sneaks 35%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 25%, Socks 15%

Jayden tells his mates Jake und Joey (new to BMB) that' he's got himself a pet."A dog?"asks Joey . No, much better. The pet that Jayden is referring to has two legs and is a human loser.. Jayden is proud to present his slave. As soon as he sees the three Masterboys' filthy trainers, he knows what he has to do. Get his tongue out and remove the dirt from the streets "You're welcome to knock him about a bit" Jden tells his mates with a grin on his face. It goes without saying that Jake and Joey don't need asking twice. They take sadistic delight in kicking their victim and slapping him in the face. Jayden enjoys joining in the torments too. As the slave lies on the floor, the lads take it in turns to gob all over him. Finally, his tormentors' stockinged feet are forced onto his face. "Take a good whiff!" demands Master Jayden in a tone of voice that brooks no contradiction. The loser has to really suffer. . Kicks, trampling, slaps to the face - he isn't spared anything – Jayden sits himself down on the slave, one foot on his stomach, the other on his face. Later on, the slave has to take the combined weight of Jake and Joey . That's damn painful. To round things off, the three Masterboys don't pass up on the chance to fill the loser up with their thick snot. Jake and Joey show absolutely no mercy to their pet. Things get especially hot when the camera looks up at the three Masterboys from the slave's perspective and thick snot rains down on their victim. Only at BMB!!!
The three J Master are really cruel and sadistic ! Very good job ! More video like this;)
Hope to see more videos of him
Nice video, the masters are very cool ... I like the socks they wear, I would like to see them barefoot. I hope there is a second part ;D
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