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The mob - online again


27:30 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Living Ashtray, Ponyplay & Doggyplay 35%, Slaps, Blows with the Riding Crop, Kicks & Trampling 20%, Sitting 10%

Robin, the caretaker's son, is brushing out the stairs. His brom bangs up against the door of Masters André' s apartment. André is already up for dishing out some really nasty humiliation to this loser, Robin. Now he spies his chance. The young master bundles the loser into his Apartment and wastes no time in getting to work. Robin has to get down on his knees and sweep the floor in this uncomfortable position. Master Andre keeps on gobbing and flicking his ash onto the floor. Robin is degraded by being treated like a mop. Later on, he has to use his tongue to lick up the cigarette ash and his Master's spit from the floor. Robin gags at the nasty snot. But André knows no mercy. When the Slave doesn't get on with it, he dishes out slaps to the face and later blows from his riding crop. When the floor is finally clean, Robin has to deal with his young Master's dirty sneaks. Then the loser is tied to a dog lead. What's now on the menu is for him to sniff the stench from his Master's stinky, damp socks. Then comes the command, "Get your tongue out!!" With a sadistic grin on his face, Master André says "Eat the cheese from between my toes!" The loser is tormented, abused and humiliated in the nastiest way imaginable. Robin has to put up with being dealt with like a cushion to sit on, an ash tray and a pony to ride on. There's also no lack of kicks , trampling and smacks to the face. And to round things off, the Master brings a nice sex toy from the SM shop into play. – What's special about Master André? From beginning to end you can see how much he enjoys doing over his victim. No play acting here, it's all for real. Awesome!!
Cool ponyslave play ! Please add some shoulder-ridings : let the slave kneel down on the ground, the master ride on the slave's shoulders and order the slave to move by his knees....
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