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The living Surfboard


23:42 Min. Trampling & Kicks 35%, Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 20%, Sitting 10%

In Winter it's much too cold to go surfing. But you can still get a bit of practice in for next summer, right? In this clip Crown and Jerome have a living surfboard at their disposal. The two Masterboys are keen to see how much they can make their slave multitask.That means that Crown and Jerome can ride the waves even when they're still at home. The two sadistic lads couldn't care less that for their victim it really is damn painful. The really enjoy mistreating and humiliating their slave. They sit on him and force their feet into his face, they misuse him as a pony to ride on, they give him a kicking, they gob some thick snot right into his mouth, they make him take a lot of time over licking their sweaty feet clean. - It's so hot, how these two Masterboys go surfing in their slave's living room. You can't get much more humiliating.

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