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The Graduate Vol 2


28:07 Min. Slaps, Kicks, Trampling & Crushing 50%, Sneaks 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%

Who can still remember the three-parter with Master André, Master Kelvin and Master Mo: The slaves Stephan and Helmut totally wanted to be accepted into the three Masterboys' gang - and failed miserably. Now there's a second chance. Stephan and Helmut compete to be accepted into the gang consisting of Master Aris, Master Double Dee, Master Fino and Master Zero. But there's something the two competitors don't suspect.. The four lads are only pretending to want to bring the two losers into their circle. There's one thing and one thing alone that they're interested in which is to have some fun with the losers and take power over them. 'They won't know whether they're coming or going' . says Master Aris – and he is true to his word. Stephan and Helmut are tormented and humiliated in the worst possible ways. . Kicks, trampling, crushing, slaps to the face – the lads pull all the stops out. They are really brutal towards their two victims. They gob into their mouths and into their face and take delight in having their sneaks licked. They just don't care. The blows and the kicks get harder and harder and sometimes all four are in action at once. When it's all over, Stephan at least is convinced that he's passed the exam. But that's not how it turns out. …. – Four new Masterboas all together at once in the same clip and a way of dealing with their two slaves which almost makes you feel sympathy for them as you watch. : This clip is really not for those of a nervous disposition.. The four lads from the gang really know no mercy.
I thought that "This is BMB" was one of the best from 2017, and this is a very good follow-up. Gangbang videos are the best, it reminds me of the early days of BMB. It would be more realistic to have more younger slave try to enter the gang. I like how all four guys looked like they're picked straight from the street, and very enthusiastic in fag bashing. Loud and yelling guy was awesome, more angry guys like that would be cool, and less those who seem like pay-for-hire Masters. Looking very foward to the part with stinking socks. It would be great to have them do some nastier stuff like farting in slave's face, pissing in his mouth, making spit cocktails for slave to drink, feeding him their public hair! :)
The blond master with red sweat is great. What's his name? Hope we will see more from him soon.
Ein megastarkes MasterBoss-Quartett allererster Sahne !!! Coole Typen - Geile Klamotten - Göttliche Sneaker ..und hast du dich Ihnen erst mal als Slave untergeordnet gibt's kein entrinnen mehr........ Sieht einfach HAMMA aus, wenn sich alle vier MasterBosse auf die Couch hinfläzen und ihre Sneaker in MasterBoss-Pose auf den Tisch packen. Würde am liebsten vor Euch sitzen und mit meinen Schultern den Part des Tisches einnehmen... Es muss ein Segen sein von Euch der Reihe nach markiert/angepisst zu werden und Eure Schenkelmuckis/ Waden/Füße beim Ponyplay zu spüren... Freu' mich jetzt schon auf Eure aromatischen Socken, Käsefüße & Zehennägel....... Grüße an Helmut & Stephan ..Sie sind echt hart im nehmen, aber ein neuer Slave wäre auch mal nicht schlecht - es gibt doch schließlich genug.., oder ???
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