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24:31 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 25%, Sitting/Facesitting 20%, Slaps & Kicks 15%, Socks 5%, Ponyplay 5%

Crown, Jerome and Mike have made themselves at home in their slave's flat. The loser has no more say over what goes on between his own four walls. When the slave complains that his flat looks a mess , the three Masterboys just laugh. They force their smelly socks into his face, give him a few slaps to the face and insult him with words which are the worst imaginable. The lads find it especially hot to keep on gobbing thick snot into the save's mouth and telling him to swallow it down. In between being hit and kicked, the slave has to carry his tormentors around the room as if he was a pony to ride on. He's also got to put up with being used as a cushion to sit on. His tongue also has to give considerable attention to looking after the Masterlads' smelly feet."Can you feel the hard skin?" asks one of his tormentors. Later on, two of the lads take off their T-Shirts so that the loser can stick his nose into their armpits. So nasty! – This Mastertrio doesn't hold back on nasty humiliations. The loser has to take the full programme.

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