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The Consultation


26:48 Min. Feet & Socks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps & Kicks 25%, Sneaks 20%

Cem calls in on his teacher's garden with his mates Louis und Santiago.. Cem is really pissed off with his teacher "There's just been a parents'evening and what you said about me was really shit!!" says Cem wth feeling. It's not long before he and Louis and Santiago agree on one thing: the guy must be punished and really brought down low. No sooner have the three lads forced their way into the garden, then things kick off. The hated teacher is bashed around the face, spat on and abused nastily. He has to lick clean the sneaks of each of his tormentors in turn. "So how do you feel down there on the ground?"mocks young Master Louis as the loser lies down in the dirt. The three lads torment the teacher with kicks and spit down on him. Later on they put their chairs in a circle, get their victim to suck the stink from their socks and force him to lick their feet clean, Their socks haven't been changed for days and it's ages since their feet came into contact with water. Really nasty. To round things off the teacher really becomes a laughing stock yet again. The Masterboys Cem, Louis and Santiago, standing there now with bare torsos, give their teacher yet more brutal kicking. The lads break out in sweat. All three get the hated tacher to lick the sweat from their armpits. 'The consultation' – outdoor action at its finest with three really hard Masterboys. We see Master Santiago for the first time. He makes a really good impression.
Great video! Best masters with beautiful feet! I also like their clothing. XD The master with blond hair (Master Louis?) is simply the best! All three enjoy hitting the slave with kicks :D I hope to see more videos with these masters, especially with the blond boy :)
One of the best clips in a while. Good looking Masters (especially Master Santiago). Lot's of sneaker action and really good camera work, so you see the lad's from the slaves perspective. I'm just so tired of seeing the same fat ugly slave all of the time! Stephan would have done a better job.
the new master was super we need more of him
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