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The Admission


25:26 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Licking Armpits 40%, Slaps, Kicks, Crushing, Trampling & Beatings with Belts 40%, Sneaks 20%

Stephan is always inviting lads to his place. They're allowed to chill, watch films or try out new games. He likes having lads around him. But up to now he hasn't told any of them his little secret. How much he would love to be dominated by good looking young lads. He's been dreaming for ages of soaking up some nasty humiliation and degradation. Today, Stompy und Louis are round with Stephan for the first time. It doesn't take Stompy long to work out what Stephan secretly wishes. And it's not long before the two Masterboys get down to business, Stephan lives through the hottest half-hour of his life. The two goodlooking lads enjoy treating a victim who is way older than them as nothing better than a piece of dirt. Stephan has barely finished licking their sneaks clean when Stompy nudges his bro and says, 'Hey, mate, let's spit at this loser.' Then things turn to slaps on the face. Stephan can't get enough of it all. "Hit me harder" he begs the lads and Stompy und Louis do just as he asks. As Stephan lies on the floor, he's given a good kicking and used as a footmat. The lads team up to stand on him and to torment him with a spot of hand-crushing. Again and again, Stephan is spat on, hit and degraded. The lads use him as a pony and team up to both sit on him. Then it's time for the lads to whip their victim, using their belts. They also make Stephan lick the sweat from their armpits. – No slave takes as much as Stephan. That means the two lads can really let fly at him. And just watching them is really hot. Both of them look top - especially once they've taken their shirts off. Both are wearing skinny jeans, with Master Lous' jeans especially hanging really low. Wow! You can barely credit that Master Louis is aready aged 18 . You could easily take him for 16 In this clip, he and Master Stompy are a top Master-duo. 'Owning up'“ – it's a must have!!!
Die beiden haben enormes Potential und wäre schön sie öfters zu sehen. Besonders Master Stompy könnte viele verschiedene Rollen spielen, allein schon seiner gekonnten Mimik wegen und seinem psychologischen Geschick das er in diesem Stück beweist. Die Mischung aus frech-höhnischem und "verspielt" gebieterischem Karakter ist absolut fesselnd und somit bewahrenswert! Facesitting in skinny-jeans ist ein absolutes Muss bei den beiden Mastern und wäre eine gute Ergänzung für den nächsten Clip. Am besten aus Slaveperspektive, vielleicht den Kopf auf dem Stuhl, damit man es aus mehreren Perspektiven filmen und somit besser genießen kann Jede Minute dieses Clips ist hervorragend, abwechslungsreich und sein Geld schlichtweg wert.
It’s very nice I’m their dog
I love them. Want to see their feet.
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