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That was not expected


25:53 Min. Feet & Socks 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Human Ashtray 35%, Tramnpling, Kicks & Slaps 20%, Facesitting 10%

A few days ago, Jayden lent a slave some money. Now it's pay back time. When he rings n Jayden's door, he has to own up that he'S not in a position to repay his debts.The slave knows that a punishment is inevitable. But he's no clue that Master Big B, Master Blue and Master Dan are also sat down in Jayden's living room. The three are really up for joining in with Jayden in handing out some really nasty punishment and humiliation. For starters. the four Masterboys take it in turns to dish out some brutal slaps to the face. When the slave ends up lying on the floor, they show no mercy in spitting on him and tormenting him with trampling and kicks. Getting their socks sniffed, their feet licked, their toes sucked – the four Masterboys enjoy living out their dominance by taking down their stupid victim. There is absolutely no lack of ways to degrade. During two extended rounds of facesitting, the slave finds out what it's like to have his nose jammed between the arse cheeks of four young Masterboys. But there's worse to come. When Master Big B, Master Blue, Master Dan and Master Jayden go out onto the balcony to have a smoke, the slave has to be their ash tray and their spittoon . To round things off, the lads stub out their cigarettes on their Victim's belly. So nasty!!! - Four Masterboys totally out of control - and the camera is always up with the action, showing things from the slave's perspective . This clip signals the start of an extra hot BMB summer!
he smiles/laughs too much. I agree with other reviewers that they need to be mean, angry bad boys, not boys who are acting and enjoying that. I miss Haze with the mean grin on his face. I'd love to see him again.
Everyone has its own taste so one can love brutal actions and other may prefer good looking boys. If you love to be humiliated by young cute boy .... videos with Master Blue are the best on BMB. Stop ! :)
Really hot socks and feet. But I wish they could be more sadistic, not just "acting". We need more degrading and brutal actions from the masters. The boys are hot but the guy with the hair knot should consider getting a hair cut :)
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