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Thank you great commander and Master


24:02 Min. Feet, Socks & Soccer Shoes 40%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Nipple Torture 35%, Humiliation & Spit 25%

How fantastic is that: after three years, at last a reunion with Master Dragon. This stand-out Master is back with his finely honed body and his boundless determination to put a loser in his place. For the comeback it can't just be any old slave. It has to be a loser who isn't too squeamish and who looks the part. In this clip, Dragon pulls out all the stops. When he comes home from the gym, his slave is lazing on the sofa. The punishment soon follows. Dragon uses the studs on his Adidas football shoes to torment the loser. But that's just for starters. Trampling, kicks, slaps to the face with hands and feet, nipple torture – the loser is really made to suffer. The slave has to be a good boy and say 'thank you' for all the brutality and the degradation. Dragon isn't satisfied with just a simple 'Thank you, Master'. he's only satisfied with a submissive 'Thank you great commander and Master'. When the slave is lying with his back to the floor, Dragon uses his big toes to stretch the corners of the slave's mouth open and gobs thick snot into it. The slave also has to lick up the Master's snot from the floor. And as Dragon starts up trampling with his bare feet, the slave has to take the Master's socks into his mouth. – A clip of superlatives, with a mature and thoroughly sadistic Master Dragon. When the camera shows things from the slave's perspective and we're allowed to look up at the Master, it's guaranteed to be enough to give any slave goose bumps.
Dieser Körper, dieses männliche Gesicht, diese authentische Dominanz...was will mann mehr?!!!!!
I love how, master Dragon don't care with his slaves . Putting his all weight over him with those boot cloves.
So very missed and Master Dragon made such a huge impact with his clips. This was a huge surprise and I hope there's many more. Master Dragon, already one of the best looking, most charismatic and natural young dominants on even better looking now...more matured...more muscular...and he hasn't forgotten how to treat the slave. I do wish he was more rougher with his slaps and plentiful with his spit but the outright joy in seeing him again negates any minor quibbles I had. Thank you and I hope more Master blasts from the pasts are possible. Master Babyface is at the top of my list!
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