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Tell the Truth Part 2


24:45 Min. Feet & Socks 40%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%

What Master Luke had meant to do was to send Helmut home after he'd been punished. But the young Master had enjoyed tormenting and humilating his victim so much that he decides on a second bout of tortures . This time Luke is even more brutal than in the first part of 'Tell the Truth' . Helmut gets some really hard slaps to the face dished out to him. The slave holds his hands in front of his face to protect himself. But it's no use. Master Luke shows no mercy as he keeps on hitting and hitting, so hard that the blows ring out. The kicking and the trampling are damn painful too. For slave Helmut it's no laughing matter. In the first part, the loser had to deal with his tormentor's dirty trainers. Thsi time round, he gets to know his young Master's bare, sweaty feet. . Luke sits down on his victim while he's lying on the floor and forces his feet into his face. 'Lick' The slaps to the face, the kicks, and whole loads of spit and insults keep on coming. Spit into his face, thick snot straight into his mouth. You can't fault Master Luke on his generosity. ;-) – In this clip, the Masterboy is wearing his black track suit again. He looks good in that. Which slave wouldn't jump at the chance to be allowed to fall victim to this cool Masetr. Don't waste any time in ordering, watching and enjoying.

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