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Surprise Surprise


24:52 Min. Sneaks 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Piss 10%

Stephan gets a big shock. He suddenly finds himself face to face with his Master. And he's got his mate Kelvin with him. Andre should really still be in jail .But he's been let off four weeks of his sentence. Stephan should really have known that. But he didn't read the letters that Andre had sent him from jail. No wonder that Master Andre is really pissed off. What's more, while Andre has been away, Stephan's 's been misusing his room to store all sorts of stuff. . Master Andre is hopping mad. He decides to give Stephan a working over he won't quickly forget. His mate Kelvin is more than ready to give him a helping hand. He's also keen to torment and degrade the loser. Things kick off with a few slaps to the face and then Stephen is made to lick the the dirty soles of the Masters' stylish shoes clean. The lads get a laugh out of spitting on the slave and gobbing into his mouth. As Stephan ends up lying on the floor, the Masterboys use him as a foot mat and give him some really brutal trampling. There's also no shortage of kicking. Then Master Andre disappears into the bathroom. While Master Kelvin single handedly brings the loser under control, Master Andre pisses into the shower. That done, Stephan has to lick all the piss up. Master Kelvin pushes his neck down with his foot to make sure that his head stays well down. At last another clip with Master Andre - With his new haircut he looks awesome. And then he has new Master Kelvin at his side. Kelvin also looks really cool. Because of the way he looks, but also because of the dominant way he has about him, he is any slave's dream. 'In this clip he's wearing a pair of combat trousers. The way he towers over the slave as he lies on the floor and shows no mercy in tormenting him is really awesome. The camera is right up with the action, and there are loads of scenes from the slave's perspective. We're not making empty promises. It's going to be a hot Autumn with us at BMB.
The best sneaker worship video I have seen. The new Master is a real talent. Tall, hot and arrogant. One look from this new Master God is enough to make any slave get down on his knees and beg to be allowed to serve him. Really hope to see lot's more of Master Kelvin and his really cool Nikes.
Super, alles stimmt :)
Kelvin is awesome! add more of his vids!!!!!!
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