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Street Masters


15:00 Min. Sneaks 35%, Socks 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps 10%, Ponyplay 5%

This is not a joke. For this clip, we spoke to two two lads on the street just before filming took place to ask if they would enjoy working over a loser live on camera. They didn't need much persuasion. Five minutes later, the slave had their steamy, well worn trainers in his face. The loser had to lick the dirt from their sneakers. Along the way, the loser was again and again slapped really hard on the face and spat on. Mouth open, snot in, swallow it down. When the lads took their sneakers off, the room was filled with the sharp stink which came from their socks. The slave got the stockinged feet pressed into his face and he had to take deep breaths as he smelt the stench. The loser also had to put up with being used as a pony to ride on. – Spur of the moment casting on the street. This clip is absolutely authentic! So hot! A short clip at a special price! Order it straight away!
Dirty Talk verbale Demütigung / humiliation psycho Domination Gesicht setzen / Face sitting raufen / wrestling treten / kicks
südländische Gene sind einfach unübertroffen naturdominant!!!!
diesen Strassenjungs würde ich auch gerne zur Verfügung stehen-all ihre Rotze-Pisse und dann an den geilen sox und feetz sniffen müssen
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