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26:30 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Sitting 45%, Sneaks & Socks 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 20%

Master Black Nike hasn't brought home a particularly good reference. His much older slave Peet, more like a fatherly friend, is worried that it could mean that his Master isn't kept on in his job. He talks to him about the reference. This doesn't go down well with Master Black. He puts his slave right. But Peet doesn't stop going on about it. Finally, Black Nike sees red. He slaps Peet, spits on him and abuses him. The humiliations get more and more intense. Black Nike keeps on gobbing into the slave's mouth. Sometimes, he spits on the floor and makes the loser lick it all up. H e makes him wear his steaming trainers like a gas mask. The slave has to breathe in deep while he's wearing them. The stench from his socks is also pretty spicy. Things become really nasty when the Master stuffs the inner sole from one of his trainers into his victim's mouth. Grinning, he sits down on the slave and presses his stockinged feet into his face. Nor does he hold back on hard kicks and trampling. The finest humiliation you can imagine, and lots of spit from beginning to end - a really hot clip in the best BMB tradition

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