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Soccer Fans


25:10 Min. Sneaks & Socks 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Piss 35%, Slaps, Kicks, Trampling & Handcuffs 30%

Everyone knows that the 'Azzurri' won't be at this year's World Cup in Russia. Very sad for football-mad Italy. A BMB fan who is also a football fan from Italy found a way to console himself. He dreamt up a clip for BMB to film on the theme of soccer. This clip is now finally ready. We persuaded Master Aris and Master Moon to star in it. What's it all about? The two Masterlads, dressed in jeans and football tops, sort their slave out because he cheers for Juventus while he's watching a football match on TV . It would have been better for the slave if he'd kept his mouth shut. Master Aris and Master Moon are fans of Inter Milan through and through and don't have much time for Juve fans. The slave soon learns that the painful way. He's slapped, kicked and given a dose of really hard trampling. The lads cuff him and thrash him. It's Master Aris' slaps to the cheek which really hurt. Meanwhile, the loser keeps on being spat on. The Master lads hawk up some thick snot. The slave has to make a good job of using his tongue to take care of his two tormentors' sneakers and inhaling the rich stench from their socks. Along the way, he's also treated as a pony to ride on. He's cuffed again so that he can't defend himself. Now he gets another thrashing with some spitting mixed in. It takes just half an hour for the slave to be broken and for the many thrashings and humiliations to turn him into an Inter fan. Master Aris clinches the deal by pissing all over the loser. – What a really hot clip, just in time for the World Cup!! And what a really hot Master duo! Why don't you talk to BMB about how you can go about designing your own dream clip?
Master Moon is just amazing, need more videos with this perfect Master!
Master Moon is the best!!!
Loved it (especially master Moon) but in all recent vids i miss thick, full of snot, and disgusting noisy loogies like master Alex, Tizian, Heiko and BabyFace could produce!!!
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