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That`s not the way


25:27 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting, Ponyplay, Swirly & Food Crushing 40%, Sneaks & Socks 35%, Trampling 25 %

Slave Peet has done a bad job at cleaning the flat. There's a thick layer of dust on the TV stand and the floor is full of crumbs That's not how it should be!!! Master Whip is totally pissed off and decides to teach the lazy slave a lesson. He wants to show Peet just how stupid he is. The young Master wants to subject the loser to some really nasty humiliation. Peet has to put up with serving as a pony to be ridden on. Master Whip sits down on him. They are going to head for the bathroom. There Whip forces the slave's head into the toilet bowl and flushes the toilet. Peet is allowed to dry himself using his Master's dirty pair of boxers. Thick snot straight into the mouth, facesitting, eating trodden in pizza from the floor - there's no end to the humiliations. Peet is used as a mop and then later he has to suck in the smell from the dirty pair of boxers while serving as a foot rest. 'Smell' Whip tells the loser. Meanwhile , cleaning the Master's pair of Nike Airs with his tongue serves as the best from of recovery. But the treats don't last long. Master Whip enjoys tormenting the slave with some extra hard trampling, kicks and blows - he 's in top form. His imagination knows no bounds when it comes to humiliation and torment. Awesome!

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