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Sniff my Ass


25:55 Min. Sitting & Facesitting 40%, Sneaks & Socks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 15%, Slaps 15%

This new BMB production is totally hot - cool trainers and socks action, lots of master snot landing right in the mouth, nasty blows and slaps and above all sitting and facesitting. Watch how goodlooking Master Eric humiliates slave Helmut. While the young Master sits down on his victim, he gets his dirty trainers licked clean and the cheesy smell sucked out of his socks. All the while, the slave again and again gets his Master's thick snot spat into his mouth. For long periods Master Eric sits directly down on his victim's face. The young Master docks slave Helmut's nose into his asshole. The slave's protests that he is in pain or that he can hardly breathe are immediately met with blows and slaps. A fantastic clip with really hard sitting and facesitting action!!!

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