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Smell it , you dog!


15:54 Min. Feet 40%, Socks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 15%, Slaps 10%, Sitting 5%

Master Janus is new to BMB. As his introduction, he pleases a slave with his smelly socks and feet. He forces his stockinged feet into the slave's face.While he's doing this, again and again the slave gets his face slapped and is spat on. To use Master Janus's own words, that's all this fucking bastard is good for. . After the slave has sucked the earthy smell from the Master's socks, the tongue springs into action so as to clean his godly feet. The loser has to suck each and every toe. Following on, Master Janus sits down on the slave as he lies on the floor and forces his feet into his face. 'Come on then, get them into your mouth!' – Yet again, a good looking young Master has found his way to BMB. Whoever would like to get to know Janus better and gets off on hot sock and feet action will really take to this short clip . Hot action for a bargain price.
at last you introduced an attractive SLAVE!!! that's waht I like!
Lets' have Slave Silvan leek the next Master's fingers and thumbs
i love the master. more videos with master Janus please!!!
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