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Slave Currency - again online


30:08 Min. 35 % Humiliation with Spit, Piss & Smell Armpits, 35 % Socks & Feet, 20 % Sneaks, 10 % Kicks & Slaps

A few days ago Alex borrowed some money from Edi, a young Kosovo-Albanian. Time us up for it to be paid back, but he can't. To say the very least, Edi is not amused. 'Where's my money?' he roars. But all Alex can do is to shrug his shoulders. Edi is a real sadist and really enjoys having a defenceless victim under his feet and so he hits on a perverse idea. His debtor should make the payback in slave currency. It doesn't take too long for Alex to learn what that means. The poor guy is beaten, kicked and spat on. The young master points to his dirty trainers and with a grin on his face says:' Come on, faggot, get them licked!' As things move on, Alex is given the dubious honour of sucking the stench from his tormentor's sweat-soaked socks. He also has to give them a good chew. It's pretty damn hot in the flat and so Edi takes his denim jacket off and makes it possible for the slave to catch a glimpse of his dream body. Then he lights up and gets his victim to lick his feet clean. Every now and again the Kosovo-Albanian spits some thick snot into his slave's mouth. And there's more: Alex is made to inhale the sweat in his his tormentor's armpits. When Master Edi has to take a leak, he decides to spare himself the trip to the toilet...... Top class slave humiliation from a new BMB Master who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'mercy'

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