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Skin Heads` Master Boots


24:23 Min. boots 20 %, feet&socks 60 %, humiliation with slaps, spit, face sitting and fight action 20 %

Master Haze is back with a TOP Clip ! Here's the story : Haze wants to spend the evening at a Heavy Metal gig . There's bound to be the usual brawling there but Haze doesn't want any stress and so he wants to vent his agression on 'Fatty' As he comes down the stairs he's wearing a hot pair of combat boots . 'Fatty' is all ready for his Master. Not content with just hefty slaps to the face, Haze also lands some brutal punches. That done, Master Haze takes his ease on the couch and gets his slave to lick his combat boots carefully. Haze enjoys the fact that the stupid loser is taking on this degrading work while he just drinks his beer. He keeps on laughing at 'Fatty and mocking him and abusing him while he has to lick the muck off his boots. Then we reach MasterHaze's powerfully cheesy socks. 'Fatty' has no choice but to lick the socks and smell in their nasty stench. All this is accompanied by Master spit and hard slaps to the face. The socks are stuffed into his mouth andn then finally 'Fatty' is let loose on the stinky feet covered in lint. This clip is mostly filmed from the slave's perspective. The Master is on show almost continuously, as are his combat boots, socks and feet, up close and personal One to savour! A must for all BMB fans!!
Wenn man sich Videos mit BadMasterBoss Haze anschaut, dann ist man neidisch auf jeden einzelnen Slave, denn er darf sich den vergoldeten Füßen des MasterBosses unterordnen und sich den allerfeinsten Fußkäse der Masterfüße schmecken lassen!! Wäre ich sein Slave, dann würd ich von/über seine Füße leben wollen. Frühstück, Mittag, Abendbrot, Wasser/NS..alles über seine Füße...und seine megastarken Männerwaden würd ich Ihm immer zum Abschluss, sozusagen als Highlight mit der Zunge massieren!!! Sieht hammageil aus wie Er die Treppe herunter steigt - ein MasterBoss eben!!! Nimm platz auf meine Schultern und lass mich Dir dienen MasterBoss Haze..
I am so impressed the Haze clips from Bootswana. He has real high tension and enjoyable himself with exploiting slave. Also love the Haze's boots. If I am the slave under master haze, I can be the shoecleaner and ashtray for him!
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