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Putty in the hands of the Masterboys


24:31 Min. Feet 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 25%, Trampling Slaps & Kicks 25%, Socks 15%, Sitting & Facesitting 10%

Sensing the fruity smell from the feet - with and then without socks - of good looking Masterboys on their face, breathing in the stink, licking up the sweat from their feet - what slave doesn't dream of all of that? It's obvious in this clip that the loser enjoys being allowed to be the foot slave of Master Dave and Master Ben. What though he enjoys less is the way that the two Masterboys so brutally mishandle him. They inflict backhanders into his face and without any thought for him kick and trample him as he lies helpless with his back to the floor. The lads even both stand on him at the same time as each other. The loser whimpers in pain. Dave and Ben love spitting on the slave and gobbing thick snot into his mouth. Sitting and facesitting also form part of their repertoire of humiliations "Take a good sniff" demands Master Dave with a nasty grin on his face as he sits on his victim's face. But there's more unusual tastes and smells to come. The Masterboys tell their slave that he has to suck the stink from out of their armpits and to lick them. Really nasty! – Hot feet and socks action and some really nasty humiliations by virtue for example of really nasty spitting and facesitting – you only get all of this from BMB!
Master Dave is the best! Love his feet!!
Master Dave, mit dem blauen T-Shirt und der Jogginghose ist einfach nur cool. Bitte mehr Solo Clips mit ihm und dem Slave undzwar mit footworship und sock smelling!!! Er ist die Nummer 1!!
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