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Poppers Part 2


26:04 Min. Humiliation & Spit 35%, Sneaks & Socks 30%, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Trampling 10%

Master Soldro has taken it on himself to torment and humiliate his Slave Helmut nastier than ever before. So that the loser can really feel what is going on, the young Master has brought with him a little bottle of poppers. He wants to test out how Helmut reacts to this sex drug. How much slaps, kicking and trampling can Helmut take? Soldro enjoys testing that out. What degree of humiliation can the loser undergo? The young Master insults Helmut, uses him as a cushion to sit on, as a shoe cleaning machine and as a sock sniffer. Helmut is filled up with industrial quantities of snot. And then Master Soldro hits on a new way to humiliate him. The key words are handicraft and snot. But see for yourself. Even without poppers, you're guaranteed to be turned on by this clip

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