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Painful Experiences


26:08 Min. Feet, Socks & Sneaks 40%, Trampling, Crushing & Slaps 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 20%, Sitting 5%

Things get damn painful for David, the slave from England, in his hotel room. For this evening he is at the mercy of Master Otis and has to really suffer. When the session ends, Master Otus uses his foot to cut his air supply off and spits some thick gob into his mouth . But right at the beginning of the session in the hotel room, things get straight down to business. As David lies on the ground like a helpless worm, he has to cope with being trampled, being crushed and being slapped in the face. All the while, he keeps being spat on. The loser has to lick his Master's sneaks thoroughly clean and suck the nasty stench out of his steamy socks. When Master Otis sits down with his full weight on the slave, he gives his head a good slap.. David has barely recovered from the worst of the pain when he's told that his tongue has to look after his Master's bare feet. David can feel one of his Master's feet on his head. . Otis forces his head into one of his sneaks, so that David can breathe in the stench. To the stench from his feet there is also added the stench from his well toned Master's armpits. – This session is so hot! Master Otis is really up for it. Enjoy the scenes shot from the slave's perspective! !
Otis ist der coolste und fieseste Master bis jetzt. Dieses Video ist jeden Cent wert. Bitte macht noch mehr Videos mit ihm. Er ist dominant, fies, stark und cool. Er sollte auch mal eine Raucherpause machen, das wäre cool. Jedenfalls auch mehr trampling, mal die Augen vollspucken oder mal ein Glas voller Spucke trinken lassen......
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