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Out of jogging


25:31 Min. Sneaks & Socks 25%, Trampling, Crushing, Kicks, Slaps & Blows with the Riding Whip 25%, Hot Wax- & Nipple Torture 25%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Farts 25%

When Master Gil comes back home after a jog, his slave is lazing around on the sofa. ,What a cheek! The lazy so and so is supposed to have had some sandwiches and some egg yolk shake all ready to be served up . And what's actually going on? The guy is just lying around on the sofa. Master Gil wakes the slave up with a jiucy kick - and then a whole saga of torture unfolds which takes the loser to his very limits. . Gil has loads of ways to torture his slave. He hands out some slaps to the face - some with his feet - he hits him with a riding crop and torments him with some really nasty trampling and crushing. The firm soles of Gil'S pair of Nike Airs leave deep marks on the slave's body. But that's far from all., The slave has to take off his T-shirt. Now he is helpless before his Master's sadistic fantasies. Gil tortures the slave with hot candle wax and by twisting his nipples. 'Now you're really going to feel some pain' he says, with a nasty grin on his face. 'He really gets a kick out of tormenting and degrading his victim. He gets his shoes licked clean and the stench sucked out of his socks. He sits on his slave's face and sends some nasty farts on their way.. The only thing that the loser gets to eat and drink is dog food and water out of a dog bowl.. From beginning to end in this solo clip, Master Gil lays out his qualities as Master . The way he shows no mercy in tormenting and humiliating his slave is awesome.. Not to mention the fact that he looks super in his jogging kit .Careful! This clip is not for the faint of heart!

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