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Not a good day - again online


25:57 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Doggyplay 35%, Slaps, Blows with the Riding Crop, Kicks & Trampling 20%, Naked Facesitting 10%

Master Crazy D. is sleeping off a hangover when the doorbell rings. The landlord has come looking for his rent, which is long overdue. Crazy D is so annoyed at this. He decides to give the stupid landlord what for. The young Turkish Master is well up for it today. Not a good day for the landlord. - The poor loser is tormented and humiliated in really nasty ways. Kicks, trampling, pony play, slaps to the face, blows from a riding crop - – Crazy D. leaves no stone unturned. What's worst for the landlord though is the humiliation.He has to lick up thick snot , mixed with cigarette ash, from the floor. The loser turns green at the thought of this and wants to refuse to do it. Master Crazy D. does some persuading, using slaps to the face, kicks and the riding crop. The young Master enjoys getting his sneaks and his feet licked clean and takes sadistic delight in seeing the loser nearly choke from the cheesy smell from his socks. Strong stuff! A toy from the local SM shop also comes into play. But there's more to come. Master Crazy D sits down with his bare arse in the loser's face 'Sniff!!!' – Long time no see from this macho Turkish guy, Crazy D. This young Master has it all!

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