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Nipple Torture and other nasty games


21:28 Min. Feet & Socks 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Beatings 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Sniffing Armpits 25%, Nippel Torture 10%, Facesitting 10%

A six pack doesn't just happen. That's why Master Dragon and Master Kelvin are regularly at the fitness studio. And this clip shows that it's all worthwhile. In this clip the two Masterboys stand in front of the camera stripped to the waist. They share in tormenting and degrading their fitness trainer. Why? Because the stupid guy is for ever making stupid remarks. The two Masterboys take sadistic delight in putting the loser in his place. Hard trampling, kicks, really painful blows to this bare skin -in this clip the fitness trainer has to take a huge amount. When Master Kelvin starts off with some brutal nipple torture, the loser whimpers in pain. Master Kelvin's reaction? "Stop your moaning , Man!" The nipple torture just keeps on coming. The fitness trainer would like the chance to cry out loud, but his mouth is stuffed full with dirty Master socks. As things move on, Master Kelvin thinks nothing of sitting himself down on his victim's face. Only the thin material of the Master's skin tight sweatpants separates the loser's nose from Kelvin's arse. "Thank your lucky stars that I don't need to fart" says Kelvin with a grin on his face. The Master also enjoys getting the stink sucked out of his armpits. The fitness trainer has to use his tongue to give extensive attention to his two tormentors' godly feet. Things end up with Dragon and Kelvin spending minute after minute filling him up with thick snot. - Dragon und Kelvin are just made for joining up as the perfect Master duo. The highlights of this clip are the extended scenes featuring nipple torture and facesitting.
As a BMB customer now for as long as I can remember, I'm basically review-proof at this point. I patiently (and sometimes impatiently) wait for new updates and order them as soon as they're posted. Very VERY rarely does a clip not live up to my expectations. Seeing the abject joy in the faces of shirtless Masters Dragon and Kelvin in dishing out nasty humiliations in their past clips are true sights to I would in being very envious of their slaves. Their diabolical smiles and sneers are out in full force here. They know as does Master Yaro and his brilliant team of Masters know, the slaves are enjoying being degraded immensely. That's why they come back, the Masters obviously come back (and new one's indoctrinated - lets just say there's never a Master shortage!) as do you and I. All of us benefit immensely. I'm a big fan of this long haired slave. I love when the Masters grab a tight wad of his hair and pull it wherever they want him to be. Did I mention Master Dragon and Master Kelvin are shirtless while doing all this? It's inspiring how BMB puts its Masters together, be it duos or in 3's or more. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results here. Bravo!!!
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