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In The Middle Of Life


23:02 Min. 60 % Humiliation with Belt, 25 % Sneaks, 5 % Spit

Everyone knows that Helmut enjoys being with us.  He also enjoys being surprised every now and again.  No setting of appointments way in advance, no waiting time.  And that means that - like in this  hot and hard clip from our new, hard Master, Master Whip  - from time to time new Masters meet up with him without anything being set up in advance.   Helmut is greeted with vicious  whips from a belt and doesn't know what he's let himself in for. While  Master Whip beats the loser , he speaks soft but beats hard.     With the belt tight around his neck, he is gasping for air, but Master Whip couldn't care less.  Helmut is now a pony to ride on and totally under his Master's control.  Finding it hard to cope with Master Whip's pony play,  he  is beaten viciously and whipped without mercy.  It's pure domination and Helmut can do nothing about it.     The least slip is punished hard, with no mercy  on offer.   Now something you won't believe.  Helmut has to pull his pants down and the belt is put viciously  to work.  Helmut whimpers and begs for mercy.  But there is no mercy on offer!    Master Whip is one of the hardest of slavedrivers, he couldn't  care less about  his victim, as far as he's concerned he's just  dirt. And this piece of dirt has to  lick the dirt from his lord and master's trainers.    Look forward to many more clips from this natural talent, Master Whip

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