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Master`s Quiz


25:43 Min. Feet 25%, Tampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Sneaks 15%, Socks 10%, Sitting 5%

At last it's Spring! Master Stone and Master Cloud are chilling in their garden Their slave is also allowed to join in. Who else is supposed to deal with cleaning their really dirty sneaks?. As the slave uses his tongue to clean their shoes, he gets constant abuse. And when the lads feel like it, the loser is spat on and slapped. Along the way Master Stone dreams up the idea of setting up a little quiz. The game rules are really simple. If the slave answers wrong, then he is tormented , if he gives the right answer then he can make a wish. Again and agin the loser diesn't know the right answer. That's just what the two Masterboys have been waiting for. The slave has to lie down on the floor, be tormented with kicks nd trampling and be spat on. But twice it happens that the slave is in luck and knows the correct answers. Generously Master Stone and Master Cloud grant his wishes. The slave is allowed to suck in the deep stench from their socks and lick their godly feet clean. The slave also has to deal with the blades of grass which are stuck to the Masters' feet. To round things off, things get really nasty. The Master lads take it in turns to sit on the slave and torment him with a series of slaps to the face. And for the face there's also some more thick snot in store. – At last it's possible to do some more outdoor clips . At the start of the new season, Master Stone und Master Cloud (new to BMB) give it their all! We'd all really like to be in the slave's shoes....
I love how Master Stone look at the slave, there is a hot close-up on his face for a few seconds. For other BMB videos, the cameraman should not forget to film faces in this way. Would be nice te see other humiliations: bier-burp in slave face, fart, (naked butt) facesitting, piss... However, I don't particularly like the new Master, but I like the fact that BMB finds many new faces in 2018! I hope that will continue. And please BMB, find thin slaves under 30yo! it's really missing
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