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25:39 Min. Sneaks, Feet & Socks 50%, Trampling 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%

Rocky loves being dominated by good looking young lads. When he looks for someone to take over his flat and in the shape of Fino, Chief, Mick and Reno four dreamboys turn up on his doorstep, he thinks he's in luck. He lets on to the lads that he has a thing about feet and that he enjoys playing the slave. Master Fino gets straight down to business. . "On your knees" he tells him. Rocky is given the job of licking the four Masterboys' dusty shoes clean "Oh no, I think I must have trodden in some shit." bawls one of the lads And Master Fino, who takes the lead in this clip, says that he has a frog in his throat. By that, Fino means some thick snot - and of course it has to come out. The slave has to open his mouth so that the young Master can get rid of the snot. From then on in the other lads also get a kick out of filling up their victim with snot. The lads keep on spitting on him while they use him as a foot mat and torment him with some trampling. Somewhere along the way the Master lads lose their shirts and their shoes. The loser has to inhale the nasty stench from their socks. . "Can you smell that? That's what death smells like" says one of the lads with a nasty grin on his face. Next up, Rocky has to use his mouth to pull off his four tormentors' socks. The stinky socks are stuffed into his mouth. Once Rocky has given them a good chew, the lads insist on their sweaty feet getting thoroughly licked clean.. Master Fino insists that Rocky takes his tongue where his feet are at their nastiest: between the toes. – Four highly motivated Masterlads (two of them new to BMB) and a slave who is up for anything being done to him, – the ideal ingredients for a hotter than hot BMB clip. Whoever gets off on well worn sneakers, steaming socks and tasty Master feet will love this clip. The hot spitting and trampling scenes, filmed in part from the slave's perspective, are also to be savoured. Order it right away!!!
Best video so far for 2018!!! Rocky is an amazing slave and all 4 Masters work him over very well with some very hot sneakers, socks and feet action. Loved all the boys taking their shirts off and also the part especially where they sat back and relaxed and had their toes licked clean by an obliging Rocky!!!
Congrats on finding more young and good looking slaves that we can identify with ourselves. The site has always been praised for finding geniunely harsh, cruel straight young masters but it'd be amazing to pair them with young losers like this one. Go on Badmasterboys!
even though the new Masters are not my favorites, I enjoyed seeing these new faces. The resolution of the video is better than before, it's really nice. The barefoot scene is great. I also liked to see a younger slave. I hope to see other humiliations in upcoming videos: naked facesitting, piss, fart & burps
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