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Live with Dragon and Gil


16:44 Min. Sneaks 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 30%, Crushing & Stomping 20%, Smoking/Cigarette Torture 20%

Master Dragon and Master Gil want to go jogging with their slave. The two Masterboys are wearing their new , stylish, body-hugging sports kit and want to finally get going. But the slave is keeping them waiting. It seems he's gone to the supermarket to get some food in for later. Master Dragon and Master Gil are slowly losing patience. They hate it when their slave is late. To pass the tine they start to mistreat the slave's jogging kit, which he's been carefully saving up for, with stomping and crushing. They gob all over it, pour drinks over it and use their lit cigarettes to burn holes in the material."The slave's going to have to wear this later" says Master Dragon with a nasty grin on his face. He and Master Gil agree that the slave is going to have to go through later what the kit is going through now. When the slave finally gets home, he's welcomed with some juicy slaps to the face. The loser is horrifed to see the miserable state of his jogging kit. But the two Masterboys are nowhere near done with their nasty games.. The jogging kit is thrown into the bath and pissed all over. – In this clip it's just the jogging kit which has to play the part of 'victim' . But whoever watches this gets the sense of being himself the victim of Master Dragon and Master Gil. You get to see the dirty soles of their shoes and the sadistic grins on their faces from a slave's perspective and you feel as if you're being gobbed on yourself. What we have here is a clip which a customer has personally requested. Have you got some personal fantasies which you'd like your favourite Masters to translate into a clip? We agree a price and a great deal becomes possible. Send an email to :

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