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Lecker Schuhe Lecken Part 2


26:11 Min. Sneaks & Boots 45%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Ponyplay 15%, Humiliation & Spit 10%

Slave Peet is back in the country. Spending time with Master Whip and Master Hero (new to BMB) he is allowed to do what he most enjoys doing: licking tasty shoes! And this time the shoes are especially tasty! Master Whip is wearing a cool pair of Nike Airs while Master Hero's feet are inside a solid pair of boots. The dirt in the grooves of Master Hero's boots need particular attention. The loser licks and licks.....So that it can taste even better Master Whip dishes out some thick snot. Sometimes he gets the snot straight into his mouth, sometimes he has to lick it from the soles of his Master'shoes. It's a real honour for Peet to be allowed to suck in the stink from the two Masterboys' shoes and socks. He breathes it all in like a drug. But he also has to take some pain on board. Nothing is held back when the trampling gets under way. The hard soles on Master Hero-'s boots hurt damn hard. And then there's the nasty kicks to his side. The slave really has to suffer. Peet also has to serve as a pony for his Masters to ride on. The two Masterboys even sit on him together. And it's all the worse for him if he starts idling around. Then he earns some slaps .Master Whip and new Master Hero really give of their all in this redhot clip. Master Whip's well worn pair of trainers and Master Hero's brutal pair of boots make the heart of every footslave beat that bit faster.On his entrance to BMB, Master Hero really makes the grade!

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