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Hard as nails


25:33 Min. Sneaks 25%, Sitting/Facesitting 25%, Humiliation& Spit 20%, Socks & Feet 15%, Kicks, Slaps & Trampling 15%

Master Dario comes home. He is completely horrified to see what his good for nothing slave has done to his living room while he's been out. Everywhere you look little heart signs are hanging up and the walls are covered with balloons with heart designs. Totally gay. "Do you think I'm gay?" complains the Master. The loser is going to have to pay the price for this tasteless decor. Dario, a really good looking young Master, gets a real buzz out of torturing and degrading his domestic slave. Blows, kicks, slaps to the face, trampling - his victim really has to suffer. The Young Master - whether in trainers, in socks , or barefoot - presses all the right buttons. The slave's mouth is only there so that his Master can spit thick snot into it or stuff his stinking socks into it. The young Master's repertoire of humiliation also runs to hardcore sitting and facesitting action. The way that Master Dario sits on his victim and dishes out slaps and snot is really nasty. Absolutely to be recommended!!!
Good master ,so so good .How many Master Dario`s video can be watch ?
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